Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nobody wants to get involved...

...and certainly most people believe that there is little to know point in trying to change anything.  At least that's where middle of the road aging baby boomers that I know seem to be at.  And I'm talking about people who look at things from a pretty progressive as well as privileged position.  Not over-privileged, mind you, but doing O.K. enough to not feel personally that threatened by the deteriorations all around them.  But angered at the policies and their effects that are enacted by or on behalf of the elites.
So what to do to organize.  The professionals are all making a good career of writing or running an .org in "opposition" to the mainstream something something.  But to what end.  The ongoing rightward descent and propagandized docile acceptance of that reality is the lemming like populace the citizenfy has decayed and or stagnated into.  And here we all are in the years.  Better know how to grow some of your own food if things get much nuttier.  I mean, if the Eurozone crisis spirals the world economy into a double dip great Recession" how will that one be bailed out.  The banks have gotten there's, and the other oligarchic sectors seem impervious to any major shocks, so it will be more people suffering and austerity and "trickle down voodoo" as yet another convulsion of wealth re-distribution lurches toward the upper sectors of the economy.  Woo-hoo.  It's the best of all possible worlds.  Hope that the Big Boxes or Burger Mills are hiring, cuz ain't noplace else going to be needing the likes of most of us.  Like I've said before, I think we are all bozos on this globalization bus, and unless you are into hatcheting a lot of other peoples lives or removing a few mountaintops for your personal edification and career enhancement- and of course your individualist "job creators" bottom line... well hell, who needs you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's been a long pause in posting...

...and soon the long tail of what I have been dancing around getting fully immersed in for better than a decade- dating back to leaving the JOG job- will slap me into a full bore goose looney communicating whif da whirl. My experience with friends has been sobering to exasperating. But I think a few may be responsive to getting involved if my efforts are solid and appealing enough. And as far as the outside world... we shall see.

And one way or another "The Butsky's" are jumping in both feet first into the deep end of the oceanic pool of whatever lies beyond here where the way finally seems to be opening...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just looking at this and that, and...

…So, as if I am getting any participation I will wail away at the effort and see how soon the effort starts to gain any traction whatsoever.
From the Cleveland Library, Downtown, the Stokes Wing. And checking out some stuff. Anything to recommend???
Well, Libby, there’s:
· Will Bunch’s Tear Down This Myth, How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted our Politics and Haunts Our Future. Looks like a good read, and looks recommended enough to check out. Don’t know if I need to go there… kind of a specific example of how the “Right Wing Noise Machine” has been able to quite successfully frame the mainstream the debate and give kind of a “given” status to Reagan’s supposedly great legacy and achievements. If interested try getting it through this link and support the dude and NPR all at the same time.
· Looking at articles in the March 18, 2009 “New Republic” reminds me of why what I want to do is not, repeat not, just find shit on the Web that I think makes sense (or doesn’t) and then Blog on it and hope to become one of the cutting edge few who get enough traffic to maybe make something of my writing that way. Though if that starts to happen hey I’ll pursue success at “all of this” that way too, Brew. Sooo…. Check out another article about Obama’s peeps getting it or not getting it right or wrong: is a related blogpost to and article titled “Plan B, What’s stopping Tim Geithner” by Noam Scheiber. I couldn’t find the article on their Web Site but it should be their someplace.

Finally getting ready to restart the efforts...

...which of course may or not mean crap.

I have a few things in mind that I will get going on first. Things like:
  1. Getting my new Web Space arranged for with hm. I just about did that today but figured to wait and think about appropriate names for what I put up and out there both in terms of the Web Domain and the organizational entity itself. Any day now.
  2. Figuring out who I am starting out with as the core group of peeps I'd like to engage with around this "work" and contact very early on and ask them to be involved, comment, post, etc. etc.. Im thinking SS, AA, BL, SS, MB, and of course, TJ. Maybe some others but the idea is to start small and build.
  3. And once going at all then I communicate with those I study up on as far as what they are doing and see what that leads to.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking at Noam Chomsky article on Obama...

... as I am just getting started back to the blogging effort:
  • I googled old fave Uncle Noam and found this recent article:
    Check it out.
  • I also checked out the site and the new white house site. I have to say, I did feel a great deal of idealistic hope and optimism with Bary's amazing rise and victory but now that he's in and he's doing what he can I wonder: "Sure, he's better that Sonnie Dubya but is that going to be enough. We need real national health care, a real redistribution of wealth, real education- not reform but real education of our young, period. And the minutia of what gets talked about- blogs and mainstream- tends to be about anything that can be turned into a 'gotcha' moment. Anyway..."
  • And as for National health insurance there is always good old and ignored HR 676. . This is one of the issues that an Obama styled genuine new progressive left movement ought to be out on the streets canvassing and rallying support for full time non stop. The hunger for real change will not be satisfied just by the election of one hero- even if he lives up to even base line realistic expectations. One of my gut level fears is that the biggest impact that Obama's election will really have is that it will be a great individual career achievement for him but the NeoCon NutJobs will have just as much sway four years from now that they had four years ago.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wading in quicksand is more like it...

... Least that's the way she feels. I will get on with podcast/ general tech immersion in an ongoing manner from this moment on. I'm sure there will come a point when I will look back on these days of spinning my wheels- O.K., these decades then- and I will be laughing my ass off. But for now, look you now... I go pray...

Wading toward Podcasting Now...

... This seems like a no brainer for me to me. After all, I think one of the reasons I have never gotten any further with "the writin'" is not that I don't write but that I talk to damn much. So podcasting is a natural. Produce my own audio and eventually video podcasts relevant to all the myriad and miscellaneous crap that I consider to be part and partial to, "like, my work," and see where it leads. And this in conjunction with getting the new all around Web Presence, blogging, and advocacy efforts going again.

One of the many things that attracts me to Podcasting is that I already have everything I need to get started just about and it also seems to have potential crossover application to some of my old ideas about doing something with, like, my music.

So, for the purpose of me getting going on this and communicating with those I want to get involved in this and future parallel efforts I will Blog forth as I explore a couple of books and stuff I find around the Web regarding the process of getting started and then, gulp, actually starting to get this whole thing started that I am forever thinking and talking (ad nauseum) about getting started. See what I mean.